Smart connectivity for IoT


Remote monitoring of your animal condition is almost impossible in large farms with no cellular coverage and no nearby power source.

Good health and prompt detection of first symptoms of disease are essential for sustainable wellbeing of your cattle, there is where IoT based cost-effective sensor monitoring system plays an important role to ensure data is transmitted to a centralized data processing resource.

Urb-IoT is an outdoor Gateway + Network server which handles thousands of LoRa, BLE and Wi-Fi sensors. It offers global, wireless and reliable connectivity to the cloud.

NEW! Outdoor Edge

Gateway + Network server

The first outdoor gateway with edge computing that enables flexible and scalable deployment of LoRaWAN, BLE and Wi-Fi IoT objects.


It offers a global, wireless and reliable connectivity thru a combination of Wi-Fi, Global Cellular, Iridium Satellite networks and GPS tracking capabilities.


Edge processing manages data locally to reduce data transmission, cloud processing and storage. Enhances automated decision making and analysis of data locally.


Supports up to 1,000 heads

Global pole-to-pole connectivity (Cellular and Satellite L-Band)

Easy installation and ready to deploy outdoor. IP68 Rating

Cloud conectivity, your data is secure and accessible globally

Feature rich, handles multiple sensors via LoRa, Wi-Fi and BLE

Leas-cost routing algorithm and maximum availability in your connection

Long lasting rechargeable battery and multiple supply options

Edge processing manages data locally to reduce data transmission, cloud processing and storange

Integrate data into IoT App and analytic platforms via API

LoRaWAN Features:

  • Based on New generation Semtech SX1301 chipset
  • Embedded Network Server
  • Compatible with TTN network server platform
  • Supports LoRaWAN class A, B & C
  • Global LoRaWAN frequencies, with up to 15km wide coverage in rural areas.
  • Automatic frequency configuration

Connect your sensors wirelessly

Cow Collar

Ear Tag



does it


Urbit Management Center

Remotely configure, manage and control your Urb-IoT

Friendly interface for user:


Monitor all your gateway(s) health (battery, network status, location)


Control and monitor gateway(s) cellular and satellite data usage


Activate and add airtime 24/7

· MAP:

Locate any connected gateway(s) on the map


Add users and manage permissions.


Add sensors, send messages, change reporting interval and reset your gateway

Portable Wireless Gateway

  • Lightweight 830g (29.27oz) and small device.
  • IP68 Rating capable of resisting the harshest environmental factors.
  • Fully integrated and internal antennas: GPS, 3G, LoRa, Iridium, BLE, Wi-Fi.

Available NOW!


Satellite Data: 1-100KB

Up to 500 sensors

Overage: +1KB

Cellular data: 5MB

Min. Billable message: 10 bytes

Recommended for: Satellite backup, Low frequency, Low data size.

Coming Soon…


Satellite Data: 2 – 20 MB

Up to 1,000 sensors

Overage: +1MB

Cellular data: 5MB

Min. Billable message: 5 KB

Recommended for: Satellite always ON, High frequency, large number of sensors.

Edge Computing

Transmitting massive amounts of data is expensive, Edge computing allows you to process data near the source and only send relevant data over the network.

  • Send only variation/alteration of the sensor values
  • Change data frequency based on harvest season
  • Customized alarms

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