Smart connectivity for


The success of ATM and POS devices depends on the reliability of its connectivity, which becomes increasingly challenging in remote areas or during natural disasters.

Urbit Fintech makes electronic transactions possible anywhere in the World, thru a highly secure and reliable connectivity.

Accept electronic payments & enable cash access anywhere.

Global pole-to-pole connectivity (Cellular and Satellite L-Band)

Least-cost routing and maximum availability in your connection

Easy and immediate installation and configuration via Fintech app

Long-lasting battery backup in the event of a power outage

Connect via Ethernet or wireless safely and reliably

Urbit Fintech Gateway

Make electronic transactions

possible anywhere in the


How does

it work?

How does it work?

Global Coverage

Celular Coverage

196 countries 550 carriers

SIM automatically switches to the best available network in each country


Satellite Coverage

Pole to pole coverage

Mobile banking and POS Services

· Areas with lots of cellular congestion

· Sea transactions

· Global ATM Accesibility

· Pop-up Retail

· Backup for fail over network

· Remote venues or outdoor events

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